Nurse's Office - Virtual Kids v1.0 Apk Full

Play Nurse's Office, and feel like a REAL Nurse and Doctor

Grab your Stethoscope, Blood Pressure Machine, and a Medley of fun Nurse tools, and take charge at the clinic!!
Select a patient and get started with the treatment plan!
Choose from a variety of tools, ointments, bandages, and more!
Clean the patient's wounds with ointment, bandage them up, take their Blood Pressure and Vital Signs, and see their injuries disappear!
Next - Xray the patient to check for any fractures, then cast them and send them to the Sticker Lab where you can decorate the patient with a medley of stickers, and fun toys!!
Great fun for kids! Makes medical care look fun and carefree, and gives them a free range of things to do - if they get bored, they can move onto the next activity like the X-Ray Machine, or sticker section where they can decorate the page to their heart's content!
Great fun for all ages!! Kids will enjoy this hit game for the Summer!!
Choose over 4 patient's with randomized injuries that change every time you play!
Take the patient's temperature, check their blood pressure and heart rate too!
Use ice packs, ointment, medicine, bandaids, bandages, eyedrops, and arm casts!
Plenty to do - free play for kids so they can play with the tools over and over, and never get bored!
Sticker lab is fun - place stickers on your patient and on the screen for play-time fun!


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